Who is Zoelie Boutique

My name is Jess and I am the owner of Zoelie Boutique.  I invite you to explore my website.  As you begin your journey, please note that we only sell handcrafted or high quality items at an affordable price. 

I often contemplate what my purpose is here on earth…What inspires me get up in the morning? What sets my soul on fire? 

I don’t live by societal expectations. I follow my heart which leads me to my next purpose. The biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past year after losing my Dad, (my 60-year-old Dad,) is that life is short. Each day is not guaranteed. We must do everything in our power to be happy in the moment and enjoy with everything we are. 

We all aspire & look forward to that retirement day…That big trip…Someday, starting that business…Waiting for the perfect moment when your dream fits your schedule or when you feel more financially sound. We hold out hope for “someday” when the time seems more right, but we don’t know what’s to come or how long we have. There may never be “a right time.” But if you put your heart and soul into it, whatever that is, it will all fall into place.  If you fail, well then what successful person hasn’t failed at least once? 

So here I am, taking the next leap in this life. I’m diving in, putting my genuine love, effort & soul into creating and purchasing accessories that bring a little joy to your life!  I have always had a passion for earrings and unique accessories that add a little “pep in your step!” 

Style-wise, and as a beautiful human, navigating & finding your own way, I don’t feel like you have to be one way or another. That’s why I made the boutique eclectic so that you choose what you like based on the details that make your heart happy! 

Please enjoy Zoelie, and check back often as I will be constantly adding new items along the way! Thank you for visiting my boutique! 



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